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Ergebnisse bisheriger Turniere. Alle Turnierergebnisse ab unter. ITF Deutschland e.V. Gefällt Mal. Die offizielle Facebookseite des International Taekwon-Do Federation Deutschland e.V. (ITF-D e.V.) Nationaler. Nach dem für den Landesverband sehr erfolgreichem Wettkampfjahr startete am Samstag, den , mit der ITF-D Open das erste Turnier des neuen . Let's apply this to a normal every day situation. Originally Posted by Renegade View Post. But does something happen with women when they have kids that they cant lie or cheat even if they want to? The issue of coaching is one that should be looked at and the inconsistencies in which rules are applied should also be looked it. You eviscerate one day and get eviscerated the next day. BB code is On. AlexB is online now. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Old Sep 14th, Rads and chris like this. Can you imagine Beste Spielothek in Schimm finden, Graf, Seles or Navratilova Neteller Srbija metoda plaćanja | srbija in such a way at any stages $5 deposit online casino australia their careers?. So they argentinien chile finale to follow the emotional route and attacking him because factually Beste Spielothek in Haarbach finden cant attack him. In order to be able to post messages on the TennisForum. Password Please enter a password for your user account. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Viviane Scheffel wurde Vizeeuropameisterin im Kraftbruchtest. Diese Internetseite verwendet Cookies. Darüber hinaus sind Aspekte der europäischen Zusammenarbeit und Koordination in der Satzung festgeschrieben. Sowohl die Damenmannschaft als auch Beste Spielothek in Weitersfeld finden Mädchenmannschaft schafften den Sprung Beste Spielothek in Paashaus finden Platz 3. Am letzten Tag der EM fanden heute die restlichen Mannschaftswettbewerbe statt. Beide mussten sich zwar im Halbfinale ihren Kontrahenten geschlagen geben, zeigten aber dennoch sehr gute Leistungen. April um Mitglieder Benutzername Passwort Angemeldet bleiben Passwort vergessen? Die EM startet in den ersten Tag Diese Internetseite verwendet Cookies. Auch diese Vereinigung hat das Ziel, Taekwondo weiterzuentwickeln und zu verbreiten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch allen Medaillengewinnern.

Carlos Ramos is the only innocent one here, who did his job professionally and in accordance to rules. Serena is an intelligent and persuasive woman who is more than capable of acting like an adult a.

And her coach who probably look himself in the mirror and think he is a Greek god needs to be criticised more. He is the root of all that sprung out.

What we're seeing is a nice real world experiment of the intersection of privilege, money and politics. The integrity of the game and the reputation of officials do not matter in this context.

Also note the extreme standards that Carlos Ramos is being held to. Amidst all of this, Serena has successfully derailed the narrative on Saturday from a champion succumbing to a new comer, to a non-sequitur about women's rights, in a drama sequence entirely manufactured by her to grab all the attention from her opponent.

This is really what this is all about. Originally Posted by fpsychdoc View Post. It's not that Serena didn't know the rule, she didn't know that Patrick had tried to signal something to her because she doesn't cheat, that's why she said they don't have signals and didnt understand why she was given the violation AlexB is online now.

Serena brings ratings and ticket sells. She has all the right to cheat and verbally abuse umpires without penalty.

Here is the issue and I said it again. Here we have an umpire who showed sexism and treated women worse than men right? In every sport you have a way to report bad referees and make sure they dont keep refereeing until they either get more training and admit their wrong doings.

No one has reported Carlos Ramos. What does that tell you? They know they have nothing on him and followed the rule. So they decided to follow the emotional route and attacking him because factually they cant attack him.

Originally Posted by Racketboi View Post. It's quite funny how people fall into the trap of thinking an umpire is underpaid. Tennis umpires are the least qualified of all sorts of referee's in any discipline, they are not like football referees that have to actually you know, run around the field all the time, football referees for example unlike umpires have a serious list of requirements they need to meet to even officiate a junior match.

Then you have an umpire that sits still, has an entire set of linesmen making his job easier, and just needs to keep in mind a limited rule book. That is his hourly wage.

That wage goes up with the conditions, is it hot, is it a very long match, the longer the match, the hotter the weather, the higher his hourly pay.

Gotta imagine that an umpire sits more than one match per day. Linesmen make a fraction of that, and yet they have a far more physically demanding job than an umpire.

I can also confirm that Carlos Ramos earned his pay in that match. Old Sep 12th, , Originally Posted by nazzac View Post. Everyone else seem sto have an opinion, so I thought I'd throw mine into the ring as well.

Whilst there is a greater discussion to be had about coaching from the stands and real or perceived notions of rules being inconsistent across the sexes, it was a leap for Serena to think that umpire Ramos was being sexist during the US Open final.

The first violation was for coaching, Patrick M was indeed signalling to Serena from the stands. That all coaches do it is no defence, we know it is done..

The point penalty for smasing a racquet is a given and the game penalty for continuing to finger point at, yell at and berate Ramos was justified in my opinion.

Serena was behaving like a petulant child by that stage, shameful for a seasoned pro of 20 years and one of the best players ever.

The umpire was left with little choice. A more experienced opponent than Osaka may have even called the referee out herself and asked them to step in I know I would have.

Can you imagine Evert, Graf, Seles or Navratilova behaving in such a way at any stages of their careers?..

Serena should have ignored the initial coaching violation and pressed on Her frustration was born from the fact that Osaka was outplaying her in all departments and Serena could not find an answer, she simply imploded.

The presentation was a disaster, awkward and ugly. I felt so sorry for Osaka, who had played a mature and composed match and had her moment destroyed.

Old Sep 14th, , The point being is he treated the same situation hand signals from a coach two completely different ways. It's your job as a umpire to be consistent with your application of the rules.

The misunderstanding over the coaching violation is what led to the whole altercation over the point penalty after she smashed her racket, which then again Carlos decided to insert himself and give her a game penalty.

It's an umpire's job to not insert themselves into the outcome of a match which this guy clearly did. What the fuck does money have to do with anything?

I don't care if Ramos was out there as a volunteer. Rads is online now. Originally Posted by blazkoo2 View Post. I think he earned more than that I hope at least ITF will take a stand and protect their umpire, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

It wouldn't surprise me if now male umpires started asking to be exempt from officiating high-profile women's matches. I know I would if I were in their place, as I sure wouldn't want some entitled asshat to smear my name for no good reason and jeopardize my career.

And that would bring us a step closer to the "progressive" wet dream of living in a society with total public segregation of the sexes, like in an Islamic caliphate of some kind.

All these tennis authority people kiss the backside of the top players. They would never dare to criticize their top stars, because they are the ones who fill their pockets.

Originally Posted by Joana View Post. Naomi kicked her ass yesterday. LefandePatty , marismexico , networthy and 22 others like this.

Originally Posted by Droog View Post. Don't pretend like what we just witnessed with Serena isn't a very rare and unique situation. It's very difficult to imagine any other tour regular so wrongly and boldly accusing an umpire of sexism.

Thank you Simon, well stated!!!! If you always find yourself victimised and at the center of dramatic controversy, and the cast around you in each of those controversies changes, you might want to consider the possibility that it's you, not them.

This is commonly known as a Cluster B personality disorder: A single flow'r he sent me, since we met. I havent given birth to a child. But does something happen with women when they have kids that they cant lie or cheat even if they want to?

All the BLM bullsh1t has gone to her head. You gonna become a paranoid person. We saw a paranoid and unhinged woman last night against a young girl who showed her how to act with humility and class.

She really tried to intimidate Naomi. But the youngster is fitter, stronger and tougher than her. Hell if push come to shove i have no doubt Naomi would have kicked her ass and bowed to a koed serena laying on the floor.

Originally Posted by Mario View Post. A mother posting all this nonsense, teaching your kids to hate I gu ess, typical! It's your problem not WS's if you don't believe racism, sexism etc don't exist in the sport Naomi, Sloane, Keys, yup the future of tennis.

Crux Squall , Sharapovalov , Silent Bird and 11 others like this. Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.

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